April 4, 2016

As we all know Google is using Java API for the development of Android OS. So, Oracle sued Google for using java API library. However the legal battle is going on in between Google and oracle for using java API in Android since six years. This battle is going to resume in April once again. Oracle now demands 9.3 Billion Dollar from Google. This was started in 2012, when Oracle sued Google for copyright violation. At first Google won the dispute. However the last year the US Supreme Court declined to hear Google’s case and resent it to the lower courts for retrial.

Google vs Oracle’s retrial is scheduled on April 27th 2016. In this Oracle vs Google battle, Oracle has claimed that Google, despite Java’s GPL open license, had copied the internal structure of some of the language’s APIs. Those language’s APIs were not covered by the GPL. Now, the judge will have to look at how the APIs were used and if a fair use case applies in this scenario. In the previous hearing Google won the dispute, but retrial is going to happen in 27th April, where Oracle demanded 9.3 Billion Dollar as a damage done by Google.