March 23, 2016

In this tutorial I’ll show you how to set up Kotlin plugin in Android Studio. A step by step process is shown below :

1. Open Android Studio
2. Go to File/Settings
3. From the left panel select Plugins
4. After selecting Plugin a new window will open with the list of available plugins, type Kotlin.
5. An option will come to download it.
6. Restart your Android Studio.

In order to check whether its successfully installed or not, create a project, go to File/New then a list of available options will be there, among those if you find Kotlin File/Class, then its done. You have successfully integrated Kotlin Plugin in your Studio.

Create a new Kotlin File, go to New and select Kotlin and name it whatever you want, I’m going to name it as First.

fun main(args: Array) {
println(“Hello World”)

Now run, it will print Hello World.

Yaaay…you successfully integrated Kotlin in your Android Studio and testd it with your first Hello World program. But hey it’s not only this. We will be aiming to make an Android Application all by using Kotlin in our project. So, stay tuned guys, in my next tutorial I’ll be exploring a bit more in Kotlin. Till the Happy Coding.