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February 22, 2016 Android

Android N : Ditches the App Drawer

Currently the rumors is flowing that the new version of Android i.e.... Read More

February 22, 2016 Android

Vulkan API

Vulkan API was first announced at GDC 2015 by the Khronos Group. The... Read More

February 19, 2016 Android

mipmap vs drawable

Android developers, who have migrated from eclipse to Studio, are... Read More

February 13, 2016 Android

Why Java : As the language of Android OS

Google brought out the first version of Android in 2007, at that time... Read More

February 13, 2016 Android

Android N : On its way

Rumors are that a new version of Android OS is expected very soon.... Read More

February 9, 2016 Android

Oracle Sued Google for using Java API L...

According to the recent news Oracle has sued Google. We all know that... Read More

February 9, 2016 Android

Making signed apk and solving Manifest ...

MAKING A BUILD FILE IN STUDIO Developers who have just migrated from... Read More

February 3, 2016 Android

Material Design

MATERIAL DESIGN Material Design was announced by Google on 25th June... Read More

February 2, 2016 Android

Import Eclipse Project to Studio.

Developers who have recently shifted from eclipse to studio are facing... Read More

January 31, 2016 Android

Tizen : An Introduction

TIZEN: AN INTRODUCTION Tizen is an operating system based on Linux... Read More