March 10, 2016

Today 10th March, Android N unveils its first look, and it seems that the rumor which we were talking about the Multi Window support came out to be true. On the first look we came to know about that the new Android N is going to have multitasking support, or its also called the Split Screen. So here is the list of following features which Android N unveils today.

1. Multi-Tasking or the Split Screen support : The biggest change is the Multi-tasking, now we can have more than one app open at a time.

2. Settings Screen : There is a new UI for this screen, plus there is one called hamburger Menu too, which appears only when you are in deep down of the Setting Screens page. In the settings screen we are also having Drawer, just slide to the right and we will be able to see the list of Settings item.

3. Notification : The next biggest change is in the notification screen. Now in notification, Android N did a lots of changes. We can have more information of the notification we have.

4. Data Saver : While enabling the Data Saver, it will restrict too much data to the app which are using data in abundant.

5. The touch effect : It lets you perform actions on apps and objects without having to open that app or object. For example, to just open a wifi setting screens, just have a long press, it will open the wifi settings screen. Or you can even 3D touch an email message or link to see a preview of said item without having to commit to opening. 3D touch is also useful for quick actions, where you’ll tap on an app’s icon and get it to perform a function without opening it.

However, this is only the developer preview, we are yet to discover many more features.