August 29, 2016

Android latest mobile operating system is finally here, and it is as great as Google promised. Android N is named after France’s favorite candy; Nougat. It went through a lengthy beta process but it is now ready for a full release and it has a wealth of new features that make it the best mobile operating system available. The only catch is that you have to own a device that supports it. The list of phones the currently support it are the Nexus 5X, 6P and Nexus Player among others. The first phone that will ship with Android Nougat pre-installed is the LG V20.

Here are some of the features which you can expect from this update:

  1. Multi-Window Quick Switch : With the new Quick Switch function on Android 7.0, you can flip between your current and previous apps simply by double-tapping the Recent button. The Recent button also gives you access to the Recent menu which allows you to keep two apps open besides each other on the same screen.
  2. Seamless Updates : Previous updates seems to be somewhat annoying which were doing it in background. Google’s answer to this is Seamless Updates. Seamless updates work by allowing two different system images to run at the same time which means that you can use an app while it updates in the background.
  3. Enhanced User Interface : Notifications fit better in the new drop down menu in smaller fonts that cover the screen’s width. You also won’t have to worry about notifications from one app dominating the entirety of the screen because they are stacked according the relevant application.
  4. Vulkan API : Vulkan API is designed to streamline video graphic processing to make gaming as seamless as possible. It works great for a number of applications with high graphics processor demands such as virtual reality. The runtime improvement on Google’s new OS make it the fastest operating system that they have ever released, up to 600% faster than previous versions.
  5. DUO and ALLO : The two new app are included in the Nougat.Duo is Google’s response to Apples’ FaceTime but with a cross platform and with unique feature of Duo. That unique feature is that you can see the video of the caller before receiving the call.
    Allo is a smart messaging application. It uses machine-learning to make your messaging experience tailored to how you prefer to use it.
  6. Doze Mode 2.0 : In Android marshmallow one feature was introduced which was called Doze Mode. Doze Mode is exactly same like Sleep Mode in Windows. In Doze Mode it will save your battery life that our phone consumes. While your Android 7.0 phone is on standby Doze Mode 2.0 severely limits background operations to maximize on energy savings.
  7. Daydream Virtual Reality : Daydream is Google’s answer to virtual reality. They’ve been working on it for a long time and first made it available on a minimalist platform called Cardboard which was a nice way to introduce Daydream to consumers but now that Android 7.0 is here, they finally have the right device to make full use of its awesome features. The only drawback is that only new handsets such as the 2016 Nexus will be capable of running Daydream. StreetView, YouTube and the Play Store will support virtual reality so you can play your games and watch videos as if you are there in person.